Saturday, 23 January 2010

Saturday at home

A nice, peaceful day at home. I start to love my home and cleaned it up today. Organizing your own stuff is actually a nice activity because it lets you enjoy the stuff that you like and have bought . it makes you treasure them. People usually don't have time to look at their own stuff but instead go shop for new stuff in the mall. I mean, both are important.

After going swimming first thing in the morning (yes, feel so healthy!), I came back and start packing stuff up, including my jeans, shoes, clothes, cds, books, which are all my favorite things while playing some new cds. This one named "7 days" by Crowd Lu (interesting name, isnt' it?) is quite good, very energetic voice and mood. (well, of course, he is young!) I liked it, very refreshing tones. One of my favorite hobbies is listening to music, and today it was a very good music day for me as I kept listening to music for 10+ hours!

Interestingly, I have not "loved" places where I lived since the age of twelve, when I left HK for Canada. Not even when there is nice sea views. I adore the park downstairs of my home though. I always did very beautiful scenic, lovely walk there. Probably because I did not have the choice of my living place since then, until now, which is chosen by me. I start to love my home. And it feels good.

This blog is new, and I am still not sure how much personal things I want to put in. Looking at others' blog that share personal feelings is great, and I start to wonder if I want to do the same. It is a very touching thing. Especially if others can share their thoughts with you.

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